Guide to Parenthetical Citations: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard

What is Citation?
A properly done citations reflects the core of academic and professional writing as it acknowledges the original writer of other referred sources, helps protect intellectual property rights, and enables readers to identify their sources while maintaining credibility.

Citation Styles
Various disciplines and professional fields have different preferences about citation styles. Here is a brief overview of some popular citation styles:
APA (American Psychological Association)
Social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and education mainly use APA style. This format uses an author-date style with a full reference list at the end of the paper. For example (Smith 2020).

MLA (Modern Language Association)
The MLA style is typically employed in humanities, especially language and literature materials. An example would be (Smith 23). Each entry on the Works Cited page gives complete details about the source.

Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style)
The Chicago style offers two systems: Notes and Bibliography preferred by humanities and Author-Date often used in sciences. The system involves either inserting a footnote or an endnote within your text when making citations and then following it up with a bibliography. Like this (Smith 2020, 23).
The Turabian style is a simplified form of Chicago style for students and researchers that also caters to the needs of footnotes bibliography and author-date systems. For writing in many academic disciplines, this style is very flexible among others.

The Harvard style is used extensively in several fields, especially in the UK and Australia. It uses an author-date system similar to APA but punctuation marks and formats differ slightly. An example of an in-text citation would look like this: (Smith, 2020).

Manual Citations vs. Citation Machine
Manual Citations
Creating citations manually can be time-consuming and complicated because it requires knowledge of specific formatting rules for each citation style where every comma should be placed about periods, italicized words, or bold letters in a sentence.

Citation Machine
A citation machine automates the process of creating citations thereby saving time and reducing human errors. Simply by entering essential information about their sources, users can have properly formatted citations produced by a citation machine to fit into their desired styles.

For instance, which is an advanced AI essay writer free essay writing platform that offers an advanced citation generator that supports different citation styles.’s Citation Generator’s citation generator is an intelligent tool for generating accurate citations without stress. It supports various formats ensuring that users can generate citations for their specific needs quickly and accurately.’s APA Citation Machine’s APA Citation Machine is designed to make generating APA citations easy by providing an ideal format. All you need to do is enter the required details like the author’s name, year of publication, and title of the source which will produce a perfect APA citation.’s MLA Format Generator’s MLA Format Generator helps users create accurate MLA citations. In all cases, whether citing books, articles, or online sources among others; each citation contains the right details that are formatted according to the MLA guidelines. This is particularly useful for humanities writers.’s Chicago Citation Generator’s Chicago Citation Generator supports both Notes and Bibliography and Author-Date systems. A user can cite sources like books, journal articles, and websites among others. To some extent, it facilitates every writer because each time it makes sure that each reference meets Chicago-style minute requirements.’s Turabian Citation Machine’s Turabian Citation Machine is aimed at assisting students and researchers in creating some citations following the Turabian style. It has both options for notes and bibliography as well as author-date systems, providing accurate and properly formatted citations of all kinds of sources. This tool simplifies the citation process for students across different disciplines.’s Harvard Reference Generator’s Harvard Reference Generator is designed to create citations in Harvard style. It ensures that all references are formatted correctly, with the author’s name, publication year, title, and other details properly arranged. This tool is particularly useful for students and professionals who need to adhere to Harvard referencing guidelines.

In academic and professional writing, citations are important because they give credit to authors while also allowing readers to check information. Manual usage of citation can be tedious and error-prone, conversely, citation machines like those offered by have simplified it thus reducing mistakes to make it much faster but accurate too.’s citation generator supports different styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, or Harvard hence it is applicable across several disciplines.
What is the main advantage of using a citation machine?

The good thing about using a citation machine is that it saves time and minimizes the chances of errors by automatically generating precise citations based on information provided by the user.

Can’s citation generator handle multiple citation styles?

Yes,’s citation generator works with many citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

How does’s APA Citation Machine ensure accuracy?

This means that’s APA Citation Machine ensures precision by aligning the latest APA standards and formatting citations automatically by user-provided author names among others.

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